I'm Umang Raghuvanshi.

I'm a student.

I've loved tweaking with computers ever since I was a kid.
I haven't stopped messing with them yet.

Here's most of stuff I've done.

Created Passync

Passync, backed by its underlying library Sync is an efficient, decentralized and secure way to syncronize passwords and other credentials across devices. It is written in Golang.

Created Statusify

Statusify is an aplication status reporting app. Written in Rails, it is now used by over 20 corporations to keep their customers in the loop when they go down.

Got a great lengendary idea? I'd love to be a part of it.

I actively contribute to over 20 open-source projects and I'd love to contribute to your project too.
Working on something closed-source? No worries, feel free to hit me up anyways.

Want to talk?

I read (most of the) mail sent here.